Courtesy Med Services
Making living independently a little easier.

Courtesy Med Services

Taking Medication Delivery Service to the next level


Make living independently a little bit easier...

Courtesy Med Services is partnering with McGregor Medical Pharmacy to bring the home delivery to the next level.  On top of delivering your weekly blister packed medication, Courtesy Med Services Delivery specialists can also provide the following:

Routine in-home medication review with a Pharmacist.

Pickup and delivery of pre-ordered groceries.

The unpacking and putting away of your groceries.

Assistance with the ordering of groceries.

Quick home safety checks.

Home Resource Management - connecting our clients with resources they need to remain independent at home.





3353 Walker Road
Windsor, ON N8N

(519) 997-2449

Along with your blister pack delivery, our visits may include:

Delivery of Groceries

Pre-order your groceries through Click and Collect and we will pick them up and deliver to your home.   We can even unpack your groceries and put them away.

Quick Home Safety Checks

We can provide a quick home safety check to ensure that the previous week's medications have been taken correctly and to help identify and assist with safety concerns. 


Assistance with the ordering of Groceries

If online ordering is not your thing, let us do the ordering for you.  We can order your favourite weekly purchase, pick them up and deliver them to your home. To make it even easier, let us do the unpacking.


Home Resource Management

Let us help you connect with other resources that assist with your independence.  We can supply and coordinate home maintenance servicers, home health care servicers and more.


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