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Our unique business allows you to customize your own delivery service package based on your personal needs. Medication management can be difficult and even dangerous, sending many seniors to the hospital emergency room every day.  We can help by having a Pharmacist visit your home for a full comprehensive, one on one medication review and medicine cabinet clean out. Our knowledgeable pharmacists can answer medication related questions in the privacy and comfort of your own home. We are more than a delivery service.  Our friendly staff make weekly visits to ensure the overall well being of you or your loved one.  During the visit, our specialists will look over medications, groceries, and complete a quick assessment to ensure the safety of you or your loved one.  Seniors are at increased risk of home injury, medication mistakes and food born illness.  A weekly visit from us will provide the additional assurance you need and peace of mind.  We also provide resources for home and personal maintenance to reduce the stress in maintaining an additional household. 






Ryan and Colleen Jershy

With ten years of Home Care experience, Ryan and Colleen Jershy have dedicated their lives to ensuring  proper and compassionate care to seniors living at home.  With an award- winning business built on the foundation of professionalism and quality care, Colleen and Ryan are eager to bring their talent to a new industry using the same principles.  They have built relationships of trust and admiration with in the community and have extensive knowledge regarding the obstacles of remaining at home in our senior years. 

The key to their success comes from personal experience within their own families, and a commitment to offering high value service to each of their clients. Knowing the difficulty and stress associated with caring for loved ones opened the couple’s eyes to the need for a more customized care approach.






Magan Laporte

Magan graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2010. Magan spent her last year of pharmacy school in the hospital setting working as a student at Detroit Receiving Hospital, where she gained an abundance of clinical knowledge and expertise.  Since graduating, she has applied her clinical experiences to become an advocate for clinical change for pharmacists and has developed several innovative programs in her pharmacies, including a collaborative MedsCheck program with local physicians.  She has developed and run pharmacist-led Diabetic Clinics and pre-appointment medication reviews to ensure the best possible care for her clients.  She also has become certified in several different areas and currently holds a Level 1 Diabetic Educator Certificate, Smoking Cessation Certification, CPR and First Aid, and is Immunization Certified.

From 2011 to 2016, Magan served as the staff clinical pharmacist at Red Lake Family Health Team.  Red Lake is an under-serviced area in Northern Ontario, and Magan was determined to bring quality care to the rural community. Thanks to Magan’s great relationship with the physicians in her area, she held several Medical Directives that allowed her to order labs for her clients.  Furthermore, Magan has extensive nursing home experience, as she worked weekly at Northwood Lodge retirement home in Red Lake, Ontario, alongside the attending physician to review all charts weekly and made therapeutic recommendations as required.  She also led quarterly Geriatric Clinic Days with a medical team (composed of a physician, nurse practitioner, nurse, social worker, and nutritionist) at Red Lake hospital, where high-need seniors received a comprehensive work-up and were followed every three months. Data run after this program showed that the seniors who participated in this study had lower hospitalization and thus, better health outcomes.

Now back full-time in Essex County, Magan will ensure that clients of CourtesyMeds will receive the best up-to-date clinical care possible and will work closely with our Pharmacy Manager, Mike Vasovski, at McGregor Pharmacy to ensure accuracate, safe and effective medication use for everyone.




Michael Vasovski

After graduating from Wayne State University in 2008, Michael completed a PGY-1 pharmacy practice residency at Detroit Receiving Hospital.  After completion of his residency, he accepted the Emergency Medical Pharmacy Specialist position at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, where he practiced from 2009-2014.  During his 5 years at Beaumont, Michael had a passion for teaching.  He was a preceptor for Wayne State University pharmacy students, Pharmacy residents at Beaumont Hospital and was adjunct faculty at Wayne State University. Michael has worked with many students and residents on various research projects.  As a lead author, Michael presented a research poster at the Society of Critical Care medicine annual congress in January of 2010 on the role of vasopressin in septic shock.  Michael was also a co-author on an abstract published in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis regarding the use of Prothrombin Complex Concentrates in the reversal of Novel Oral Anticoagulants. Besides teaching and research, Michael also sat on numerous hospital committees and was instrumental in developing policies, procedures and work flow improvements in anticoagulation reversal, stroke management and emergency preparedness. 

In 2014 Michael decided that he wanted to return home and give back to the community in which he grew up. He subsequently opened a community pharmacy in McGregor, Ontario. Michael is excited to work as the dispensing pharmacist for CourtesyMeds and be a support to the clinical pharmacist, Magan, with his outstanding clinical skills and experience in this new venture. .



General manager

Christa De Turris

As a mother of 4 children, Christa understands the demands of raising a family while helping and worrying about aging parents. Her strong value of family inspires all she does. Christa's strength is in advocacy, as she has experienced the importance of supporting those that need it the most. Her social work background has instilled in her, a compassion for others and a passion for helping in the community.  These efforts have included the creation and implementation of social programming in a senior residential facility. In addition, she has been a volunteer with Hospice of Windsor and Essex County, Windsor Essex Children’s Aid Society and the House of Sophrosyne. 

Christa is a graduate of the University of Windsor with a back ground in social work.  She is currently finishing her MBA at Wayne State University, with an expectation to graduate in April 2019.