Courtesy Med Services
Making living independently a little easier.


Service Options


Along with your weekly delivery of blister packed medication we can provide the following;

• Order your groceries
• Deliver your groceries
• Grocery unpacking
• Expired food check
• Review previous weeks medication
• Well-being check
• Take out the garbage and recycling
• Routine in-home medication review with a pharmacist


Medication Reminder and Dispensing Systems

Great solution for individuals and family members struggling to ensure medications are taken properly. The automatic, locked pill dispenser system alarms and dispenses medication at the same time everyday. Caregivers will receive a call, text or email if they have not been taken with 60 mins. of the scheduled time. Avoid errors and improve health by ensuring access to the right dose at the right time!


Our visit can give a little peace
of mind.

We are more than a delivery service. Our friendly staff make weekly visits to ensure the overall well being of you or your loved one. During the visit, we will look over medications, groceries and complete a quick assessment to ensure the safety of you or your loved one. Seniors are at increased risk of home injury, medication mistakes and food born illness. Call us today to get your services started! 519-997-2449